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Product Gallery

Here, you'll find a sampling of our wide array of products! You'll see resin pendants, 3d printed figurines and planters, pop sockets, ornaments, and (most importantly) skulls! 

Our cement skulls are one-of-a-kind. We make each one from scratch, and paint them by hand. Below is a short walk through of our process. 

If you see something you like, hit the link to get to our Etsy store for ordering. Don't see it listed there? Just send us an email or DM on social media, and we can get a custom piece started for you!


Making a Mold

The first step in creating our flagship product is making a silicone mold. We create our own molds in house, and are able to use them for several months before they have to be replaced.


Pouring Concrete

Once our mold is ready, we mix up our own secrete recipe of concrete, using special additives to make the cement strong and lightweight. After the initial 24 hour setting period, they are ready to be demolded.


Curing and Painting

Once the skulls are out of the mold, they need 3-6 weeks to cure completely. Afterwards, they are primed and moved into the studio to be hand painted.


Take a scroll through our wares!

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